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Tag: Heat Pumps

Explore popular, common questions regarding Heat Pumps and more.

Holy Cross Energy Rebate

All residential rebates: 25% of project cost up to $5,000 per year per account (includes all rebates – insulation, heat pumps, HPWHs, induction, etc.)

City of Aspen Electric

Heat pump: 25% up to $500 for mini-split heat pumps; and 25% up to $3,000 for ground source heat pumps

4CORE Rebate

La Plata County in addition to La Plata Electric incentives: Heat pump: $100 for upgrades over $300. Heat pump water heater: $100 for upgrades over $300

Tri-State member co-ops rebate

Heat pump incentive: Up to $450/ton for an air source heat pump, up to $500/ton for a ground source heat pump. Heat pump water heater incentive: $350