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Stay up to date on beneficial electrification in the state of Colorado

As organizations, government, media, and consumers have become more aware of the benefits of electrification, more information on this important topic has been released. To help you stay up to date on all the trends and developments with electrification, Love Electric is compiling news, articles, research, and/or case studies. If you have something you would like posted, please contact us directly at info@loveelectric.org with details about your update you would like posted, a brief 1-3 sentence overview, and a link to the article.

Stanford scientists find the climate and health impacts of natural gas stoves are greater than previously thought

A new study from Stanford shows that gas stoves have methane leakage rates much higher than previously thought – the impact from gas stoves in U.S. homes is the same as about 500,000 gasoline-powered cars, making gas cooking a significant contributor to global warming. In addition, gas stoves emit nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde, directly exposing people to risks of asthma an…

Denver’s New Webinar Library is a Community Resource Repository on High-Performance Buildings

Looking for a one-stop shop for all things building electrification, energy efficiency, and Denver building policy? The City and County of Denver’s Webinar Library: High-Performance Buildings and Homes is just that. In addition to providing overviews of relevant policies, this webinar library seeks to bring the Denver community together to share ideas, successful case studies, and tips and tric…

Building IQ Program Passes in Aspen

On April 12, 2022, Aspen City Council passed an ordinance approving the Building IQ program, an important milestone in helping the City of Aspen reach its science-based targets for reducing community greenhouse gas emissions. The ordinance applies to commercial and multifamily buildings within city limits and includes two components: energy benchmarking and building performance standards. The C…

Cooking with Electric or Gas: Which is Better?

Whether you’re a busy family on the go or a home chef, a common question when it comes to cooking is: which stove is better, gas or electric? Whatever you prefer, there are pros and cons to both as well as new technology in electric induction cooktops that could be a game-changer. Contact your local utility to learn more about rebate programs for electric induction stove upgrades that may be av…

Benefits of heat pumps for Colorado homes

In response to devastating wildfires in Colorado and other climate change-driven extreme weather around the county, more and more Coloradans are asking, “what can we do to reduce our carbon footprint?” A good place to start is switching to an efficient electric heat pump to heat and cool the home. This switch would have a similar impact to switching from a gasoline-powered car or truck to an el…

Beneficial Electrification League of Colorado and the Investment in Infrastructure and Jobs Acts

January is when we simultaneously look back at the previous year and look ahead at what’s to come. Events that occurred in 2021 will shape what’s possible in 2022. One landmark event was congressional approval of a bi-partisan infrastructure bill that includes $65 billion for energy investments. The Investment in Infrastructure and Jobs Act (IIJA) provides an array of programs that states can l…

Holy Cross Energy Member Spotlight: Aspen Skiing Company – The Hub at Willits

Holy Cross Energy is featuring partners who help contribute to their carbon reduction goals and are leaders in the areas of sustainability and climate action. HCE recently chatted with Ryland French, Director of Facility Operations and Energy at Aspen Skiing Company (SkiCo), about The Hub at Willits, a new 43-unit, all-electric housing complex. The complex will serve employees of Aspen Skiing C…
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