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Electrification Updates

Stay up to date on beneficial electrification in the state of Colorado

As organizations, government, media, and consumers have become more aware of the benefits of electrification, more information on this important topic has been released. To help you stay up to date on all the trends and developments with electrification, Love Electric is compiling news, articles, research, and/or case studies. If you have something you would like posted, please contact us directly at with details about your update you would like posted, a brief 1-3 sentence overview, and a link to the article.

The ‘Future of Housing’ Has Arrived in All-Electric Colorado Developments

Grand Junction homebuilder Darin Carei decided to forgo a natural gas hookup to his Brookfield South Residential subdivision after learning the cost to bring in gas lines would be equal to installing solar panels on each of the houses that overlook the red-rock walls of Colorado National Monument in the distance. His company, Senergy Builders, has built energy-efficient Energy Star-certified ho…


How Do Induction Stoves Actually Work?

We dig into the nerdy nuts and bolts behind induction cooking and how exactly it creates a speedy, precise and fossil-free cooking experience. Read the full article here.

How Electrification Became a Major Tool for Fighting Climate Change

The United States still gets most of its energy by setting millions of tiny fires everywhere. Cars, trucks, homes, and factories all burn fossil fuels in countless engines, furnaces, and boilers, creating pollution that heats the planet. To tackle climate change, those machines will need to stop polluting. And the best way to do that, experts increasingly say, is to replace them with electric v…

Cheap and green: Heat pumps take hold around the world

2022 was a big year for the humble heat pump. In the U.S., more people bought heat pumps for their homes than traditional fossil-fuel furnaces. In Poland, the market for heat pumps more than doubled. China is installing more than any other country. Based on refrigeration technology that’s more than 200 years old, the heating contraptions have gained popularity thanks to their green footprint an…

Heat pumps are having a moment in Colorado, but do they really work in the bitter cold? Yes.

There was a touch of anxiety in the home of Jon and Rachel Rea as a bomb cyclone, with its plummeting subzero temperatures, approached Colorado in December, for the couple no longer had a gas-fired furnace in their basement. Read the full article here.

The Great Gas Stove Debate Has Been Reignited

Last week, Richard Trumka Jr., a US Consumer Product Safety commissioner, sent emotions boiling over when he said in an interview with Bloomberg that the agency was considering banning gas stoves, citing the fact that over 12% of childhood asthma cases in the US are the result of gas stove usage. Read the full article here.

Summary of Building Electrification Rebates for 2023

Here is a summary of how all of these incentives add up for homes in Colorado. Incentives for Existing Homes In 2023 there are utility rebates, state tax credits, and federal tax credits for heat pumps, which we summarize below. We also provide some suggestions for choosing a heat pump system that makes the most sense for your application, considering all the rebates available. Some homeowners …

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