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This search will help you find installers that have demonstrated expertise in installing high efficiency, clean heat pumps and heat pump water heaters. Use the fields below to narrow your search based on 1) your desired system installation 2) county in which you live or 3) based on installers that are authorized by specific utility companies. Please also check your electric utility’s website to ensure you have the most current listing of qualified installers.

All fields are optional. When searching by authorized utility: Currently, the three utilities with qualified installers are Xcel Energy, Platte River Power Authority (PRPA) (and its member municipal utilities), and Tri-State (and its member co-ops). Please enter one of these three utility names to see the list of qualified installers for your utility, and you can also search by county to narrow down the list. Xcel Energy and PRPA customers must use one of their qualified heat pump installers in order to receive the utility’s rebates. For Tri-State member co-ops, it is not required. So, if your utility is not Xcel Energy or PRPA, you can just leave that field blank, and search by county to find any qualified installers in your area.

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BEL-CO does not expressly or implicitly endorse, recommend, or guarantee the work of the contractors listed. It is solely the responsibility of the customer to choose the appropriate contractor for any equipment installation work you choose to have done.

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Love Electric aims to accelerate the adoption of heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, and other efficient electric technologies in homes and businesses across Colorado, to lower consumer energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and provide improved health, comfort and other benefits. Love Electric is an initiative of the Beneficial Electrification League of Colorado (BEL-CO).

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