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Solar PV & Electric Vehicles

Here is why you should add Solar PV to your Home

Solar PV helps the other options by reducing your monthly electricity costs, and in addition it reduces the carbon emissions associated with your electricity use.

In addition to the “a la carte” approach of tackling your heating/cooling system, hot water, and cooking one at a time; consider adding solar PV to your home, and financing a package deal involving several of these options combined. 

Many utilities have rebates for solar PV systems. In addition, to pay for insulation/weatherization, a new heat pump, heat pump water heater, and/or solar PV system for your home, you should consider applying for a low-interest loan through the Colorado Energy Office’s “RENU” loan program. Loans can be for up to $50,000, with terms from 3 to 15 years (20 years for solar PV), with low, fixed interest rates.

RENU Loan Program

Other Financing

Find a Rebate

Electric Vehicles

Another option to consider is to purchase an electric vehicle and to install EV charging. You can learn more about electric vehicle options, incentives to purchase a new EV, and EV charging HERE »