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Author: jgowans

Are there any developments where I can buy an all-electric new home?

Yes, see the Resources for homebuyers section below. There are several developments with all-electric homes under construction that are for sale. Another option is to hire an architect and builder to build your own custom all-electric home, and we provide a list of architects and builders of efficient and electric homes below.

Is a dual-fuel more resilient in the case of power outages, compared to an all-electric home?

No. Without electricity, the gas furnace will not operate. On the other hand, homes in the fire-damaged Marshall fire neighborhoods discovered that gas service was disconnected and remained out for a much longer period of time than the electricity outage. With an all-electric home, the home will be able to remain comfortable without any need for the gas service.

Will my annual energy costs be lower than for a similar dual-fuel home?

An all-electric home’s energy costs will be slightly lower or the same as a dual fuel home. Natural gas prices are likely to remain relatively high compared to the previous five years. SWEEP’s analysis shows that with 2021 gas prices, the costs of operating an efficient heat pump and heat pump water heater will be about 5-10% more than those of their gas counterparts, but this slightly increased cost is off-set because the all electric home will have no monthly gas fixed charges.

Will a new all-electric home have better air quality and lower risks from carbon monoxide?

Yes, recent studies show that gas stoves emit a variety of unhealthy pollutants, including nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde. These pollutants are eliminated by replacing the gas stove with an electric one. In addition, by replacing the gas furnace and water heater with electric heat pump space and water heating, there are no open flames that could emit carbon monoxide into the home.