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Upgrades to Existing Home – Eagle, CO

Markian Feduschak and Sue Nicolai

It was early December 2021 when Markian Feduschak was able to get a cold-climate heat pump installed in his home. His gas furnace was at the end of its life and had needed to be repaired on a few occasions – even failing to operate during a previous winter.

The estimate Markian received to replace the aging gas furnace was comparable to the cost of a cold-climate heat pump, but the heat pump installation required an upgrade to the home’s electric panel. Rebates available from Holy Cross Energy and Walking Mountains Science Center offset the increased costs of the electrical panel upgrade — making all the difference in his decision to remove the fossil fuel heating source.


  • Excellent comfort, due to both the improved insulation and the efficient performance of the heat pump system.
  • Significant savings on energy costs, from about $4,000 per year for electricity and gas before all the upgrades, to about $400 per year. This also includes the electricity cost savings from the new solar PV system.

Quick Facts

  • Location:
  • Upgrades:
    Air sealing and insulation, new heat pump system, heat pump water heater, solar PV system
  • Heating & Cooling:
    Mitsubishi Cold-Climate Air-Source, centrally ducted heat pump system, 4 ton capacity
  • Heating & Cooling Cost:
    $20,100, before rebates from Holy Cross and Walking Mountains of $6,000
  • Heat Pump Installer:
    R&H Mechanical
  • Why This Heating System:
    Very efficient, was able to replace the gas furnace