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Holy Cross Energy Rebate

Heat pump: $850 per ton for cold-climate, min. HSPF of 10 if replacing gas or propane; $600 per ton if replacing electric.

Heat Pump Water Heater: For Energy Star HPWH, $1450 if replacing gas or propane WH; $450 if replacing electric.

Induction Cooktops: Maximum incentive of $80. Must replace gas or propane induction cooktop or range or for new all electric home construction. Must install an induction cooktop/range measuring 30” or larger. Both standalone cooktops and ranges with built-in induction cooktops are eligible.

4CORE Rebate

La Plata County in addition to La Plata Electric incentives: Heat pump: $100 for upgrades over $300. Heat pump water heater: $100 for upgrades over $300

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