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Holy Cross Energy Rebate

Heat Pump Rebate

Cold Climate (ductless mini-split or ducted) Heat Pump
Rebate amount: 25% of project cost


  • Ducted: HSPF/HSPF2: 9.5+/8.1+; Ductless: HSPF/HSPF2: 10.6+/9.5+
  • COP of 1.75+ at 5 degrees F
  • Must be rated for cold climates and provide heat down to 5°F or lower
  • Load calculation recommended to right size heat pump system and derate for high elevation
  • Outside unit must be elevated at least 12 inches off the ground to defrost properly

Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate

25% of project cost

  • HPWH must be Energy Star certified

Induction Cooking Rebate

25% of project cost